$30 Physicals*

Our $30 sports physicals require no appointment and are easy and convenient. A physical is important to make sure your child is ready for any activity, whether it’s sports, school, or a camp. Stop into Prime Med Urgent Care and one of our medical professionals will be happy to see you.

Why Get a Sports Physical?

Make sure your kid is ready for the big game! More than 46 million kids participate in sports each year, so making sure your child has had an up to date physical is important.

Did you know? 62% of all organized sports-related injuries happen during practice, not games. The top three sports where the most injuries occur include football, basketball and soccer.

Sports physicals are typically required by any athletic league and school, so that they can be aware of any issues that might affect your child’s athletic ability.

A physical can help your physician identify any areas that might be prone to injury, and to help suggest exercises to avoid any future problems.

What a Sports Physical Includes

During a sports physical, a Prime Urgent Care physician will check your vitals, joints, and flexibility. They’ll assess your vision, as well perform a short fitness assessment to diagnose any possible future sports injuries.

While Prime Med Urgent Care does not require you to bring your child’s past vaccination records with you prior to a physical, some states do require these records before your child can start a new sport.Vitals check

Vitals check

During the physical, our physician will check your child’s pulse, blood pressure, as well as document your child’s height and weight to monitor any additional stress caused by growth spurts or weight changes.

Eye exam

Our physician will check to see if your child needs prescription lenses, or if their current prescription needs to be adjusted.

Fitness assessment

We’ll check your child’s lungs, abdomen, heart, ears, nose and throat, as well as their cardiovascular system and recommend any limitations they should watch out for when it comes to physical activity.

Joints and flexibility check

Checking your child’s strength, posture, flexibility and joints can help our staff identify any problem areas and suggest exercises that may help them become healthier.

Medical history review

Our physicians will ask about past illnesses, surgeries or conditions (like asthma) that can help us diagnose any potential future problems.

* Does not include any ancillary services or tests that may be required. Ages 6 & up. Some restrictions apply. Price and availability subject to change..